It’s time for us all to have “The Talk”.

In light of recent journalistic failures, I deemed it necessary to have “the talk” with twitter about the safety and privacy of survivors. Below is a slightly modified version of the talk I had with twitter earlier today. [TW: Mention of rape]

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No Robin Thicke, You’re Not Starting A Feminist Movement

Robin Thicke, the mastermind behind the incredibly sexist song and video Blurred Lines, believes that he’s starting his own feminist movement. I’m just completely astonished at how deluded this man is. Does he honestly think that adding to the degradation of women in media is how you make a feminist statement? If so, this man has a lot of learning to do.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to take your art and make feminist statements. Robin Thicke went about it the completely wrong way. Just take a look at what he did. He wanted to make a statement about degrading women, so he decided to degrade women in both song and video form and then brag to GQ about how “fun” it was. He wanted to start a conversation about naked women in media, so he decided to make sure every last woman in his video was naked and all the men were fully clothed. As twitter user @SpokesGay pointed out, he wanted to “challenge ‘taboos’ by promoting the bog-standard degradation of women that’s not at all taboo.” Robin Thicke didn’t “make a statement” or “start a conversation” with Blurred Lines. He simply reinforced the rape culture, sexism, and misogyny that already permeates our culture.

Now, if you’re interested in seeing a real feminist message, check out what Melinda Hughes did. If Robin Thicke had done something similar to that instead of the hot mess he left us with, we’d be having a much different conversation.