On Hugo Schwyzer’s defenders

I’m not here to talk about Hugo himself. Other people have done that better than I ever could. I’m here to talk about his defenders and his enablers.

To the people who hired him to teach women’s studies and talk about feminism on their websites.

To the people who ignored the women of color who constantly criticized his behavior.

To the people who banned people who expressed concern that Hugo was allowed free reign on their website.

To the people who chose page views over integrity.

To the people who allowed Hugo into supposed “safe spaces” even after many people expressed how they were not comfortable having him around.

To the people who happily handed Hugo paycheck after paycheck while never crediting, hiring, or paying the women of color who said the same things he did, only better.

To the people trying to silence the women of color who were intensely critical of Hugo and his actions.

YOU are what’s wrong with Feminism. You are the reason why I and women like me will never feel comfortable or welcome in “feminist” spaces. You are the reason why so many women refuse to identify as feminist.

Feminism will never truly be an inclusive and intersectional movement with people like you in power. Until you apologize for your wrongdoings, hand paychecks to the many women of color you have plagiarized and silenced over the years, and step down from that platform you’ve built for yourselves, feminism will only be a movement for the very select few.


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